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setAntenna for Maya 1.1.0 (maya script)

This script is prepared for the antenna problem

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Last Modified:04/15/2009
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This script is prepared for the antenna problem when i at work.Script can be automatically generated with joint and
dynamic of the chain. In order to solve the collide problem, adding the collide sphere, all of them have based on
 the hair system. Because it is finished at the company, so i shield some function of released script.

 Operate the"bind_XX_joint" upon complete, can produce similar results in antenna.

 I made a video effect, in which the link below: 

1.Source script and execute "setAntenna;"from the command line.
2.Select curve and fixed on a type in the "set Antenna" windows.
3.Fill in the joint name and joint number,press "Create" button.
4.If you hoping for produce collide:
  (1) select and load the follicle
  (2)select uses joint and press "create" small buttons.

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