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op_SmedgeSubmitter for openPipeline 1.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

An addon to OpenPipeline for submitting to Smedge3

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  • 2009, 2008

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Last Modified:04/08/2009
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OpenPipeline is a pretty awesome tool to organize the work pipeline for a project. However, it has a tendency to bury scene files deep within a nest of directories, creating labyrinthian file paths best traversed with a stout heart and a knowledgeable guide. Fortunately I made SmedgeSubmitter, an add-on that lets you submit your scene, or any past version of it, directly to the Smedge render farm system. It also can make a note in the history of file about the render.

op_SmedgeSubmitter runs with Smedge 3. If you use Smedge 2, you might try Send2Smedge by OPLE. If you do use Smedge 3 but not openPipeline, try Alien Smedge GUI by winniethet.

To install, place the op_SmedgeSubmitter.mel file into your openPipeline addons directory. Open the file, and edit the $opss_smedgePath variable so it corresponds to your Smedge directory containing the submit.exe file. Note the double backslashes. So if your Smedge directory is at "C:Program FilesSmedge 32.4.2", you'll have to enter "C:Program FilesSmedge 32.4.2". Also note the slash at the end. Then start up openPipeline, and select it in the add-ons pull down menu at the top.

Using SmedgeSubmitter should be intuitive. Just make sure you have saved if you're submitting the currently open file, and refresh the UI if you open a different shot or asset.

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