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objShaker by "Manie Bhatia" 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

run the script to shake/vibrate any object or camera.

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  • 2010, 9.x, 2009, 2008, 8.x, 7.x

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Last Modified:05/07/2011
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 Hi there. This is Manie Bhatia from Mumbai, India. My first script "objShaker" is a small utility script to automate the animation for any object or camera shake. It makes 
   the selected object(s) shake\vibrate, without affecting the real animation&without adding extra keys to the graph editor,making the life of animators a lot easier.

 the PROCEDURE : -paste the script on script editor, drag&drop it on your custom shell & run it.
                                   -select the object(s) to be shaken & hit the "SHAKE" key.
                                  -select the object(s) & check the axis in which u want the object(s) to be shaken.
                                  -for switching between the different objects, select the object & press the "Update Connection" key to make its                                                  amplitude & frquency slider work. 
                                 -adjust the amplitude & frequency for the updated object & hit "Set Key" & "Brk Key" to set & break keys for                                                        amplitude & frequency, respectively.
                                  -to remove the shake, select the object & hit the "Remove Shake" key.

   the BUG     : Here is a small bug in the script (I am working on it). If you run the objShaker & set the axis for an object to shake, it will                                       show an error message saying -
                            "Cannot find procedure "CBdeleteConnection"". To run the script flawlessly, before running the script, you just have to                                    create  any object (poly or nurbs), set 
                           a keyframe on any of its attribute & then just break the connection of that attribute (by right clicking the mouse on the                                        channel box & say "break connection")
                             & then delete that dummy object. Thats it!

the LIMITATION : objShaker won't work on the objects which are already a child of some parent (I am working on it also :0). If you run it on                                child objects, it will break the 
                                          connection between the object & its parent.

    Object Shaker :   Developed by "MANIE BHATIA".
    Version            :   1.0
    Date Created  :   09 09 09.

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