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Nipper 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Correction deformer

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Last Modified:08/07/2018
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nipper, soft deformer

Script add animation control with softMode deformer to any polygon of deformed and animated mesh.
Control follow for polygon and allows to adjust shape of geometry by needed radius.

Usefull for correction shape of animated characters or any meshes. You can use this script, when you want make some deformations, but you dont want to change the rig. 
Using examples:
- add face additional deformations, then rig dont have needed ability
- correct shape of the body for correcting silhouette
- add squash and stretch
- add fake muscle animations
- animate simple shape deformation of the not rigged geometry.
- deformed objects must have only shape animation, for example skin, blendshapes or any deformers. If shape will be moved by constraints or simple transformations, will occur unneeded deformations.
- animated scale of the geometry also undesirable.
Select one polygon of the mesh and run:
import nipper

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