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maya icon chooser 0.0.6 for Maya (maya script)

get internal icon names from maya or from XBMLANGPATH

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  • 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011

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maya, pyqt

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  • oglop

    oglop said about 8 years ago:

    You can find most of compiled pyqt4 links here on my blog. I gathered them from internet. for 2014, you can try: i disabled scaling the icons in ver 0.0.3
  • Nakkor

    Nakkor said about 8 years ago:

    Thanks for your quick answer! Well I couldn't at the time of my previous post, that's why it didn't work at all. Since then I've had some success by: 1. Uninstalling PyQT4 (which I had installed incorrectly). 2. Downloading the "PyQt4-4.10.3-gpl-Py2.7-Qt4.8.5-x64.exe" installer (I'm on Windows 7 64-bit) from 3. Reinstalling PyQT using C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2014\Python\ as the install folder. 4. Checking that the 'Path' environment variable in windows contained the following dir C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2014\Python\Lib\site-packages\PyQt4 (which it did) Now I can at least start the icon chooser plug-in. However, as soon as I try to do anything besides scrolling, Maya (2014) crashes. So you are right about needing a special version of pyqt for maya. Thanks for the link, but I'm sorry, I can't figure out what it is exactly that I'm supposed to download from that page. =/ That would be super! I feel that installing PyQT, and making it work for Maya, really is beyond the scope of mere CG mortals. While you are at it, would it be possible to make the plug-in not scale up smaller icons? They look quite pixelated a.t.m., and it would also make it easier to differentiate between normal size icons and smaller ones. Thanks a lot for your help!
  • oglop

    oglop said about 8 years ago:

    are you sure you can use pyqt in maya? maya 2014 is still using python 2.7 , and you need a special compiled version of pyqt for maya. maybe you can't use what is on riverbank official website. maybe you can download it from here at the same time, i will change the code so that it support pyside as well
  • Nakkor

    Nakkor said about 8 years ago:

    I get the same error as pacmaniac, and I have also installed PyQT4, and I have the following line in my maya.env file: PYTHONPATH = C:\Program Files\Python33\Lib\site-packages\PyQt4 What am I doing wrong?
  • oglop

    oglop said almost 9 years ago:

    You didnt put pyqt module path into PYTHONPATH environment variable. You can do that in maya.env or your system env var setup.
  • pacmaniac

    pacmaniac said almost 9 years ago:

    Hi. when i run the script iget this error: # Error: ImportError: file D:/Google_Drive/mayaPrefs/2012-x64/scripts\ line 15: No module named PyQt4 # I have installed the PyQT4
  • Safronov3D

    Safronov3D said almost 9 years ago:

    I apologize for the stupid question, but how to install pyqt4?

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