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layerEditor 1.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

Modified layerEditor to make editors look similar

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  • 2009

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Last Modified:10/27/2009
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Modified by Ruben Algarra
Last modification: 03/02/09



Whats new: _______________________________________________________________________
Added Option show/hide Blendmode.
Unified Render and Anim layer names.
Modified layerEditor.mel
This script modifies colors, fonts, "default" layerNames and one icon to make the editors look  similar.
It adds an option to show/hide render layer "Blendmode" in Render Layer.



Also it fixes a "bug" that clears active rendeLayer highlight when you press "render setting override" button.
All modifications are marked as Modified.
New RenderLayer and AnimLayer Editors use treeview instead LayerButton, but there are slight differences between Layer, Render and Anim editors.
In L, layer name is close to the color box,
        but in R and A, there is a gap for the expand/collapse arrow.
In R, the text color of the active layer is black,
        but in L and A is white.
In R, all text is bold,
        but in L all is normal and in A only active and override are bold.
In R, background color is darker than L and A.
In R, the icons for renderable and not renderable are too much overload.
R now adds blendmode (normal, multiply, screen.....) to the layer name.
In A, default layer name is AnimLayer.
L and R share layer names.
In A, BaseAnim name seems "hardcoded" and can not be changed on creation.
There are some other glitches in Render and Anim: There is no "right button menu feedback" on the mouse pointer and the cursor disappears when you are renaming a layer.
     Before                                                   After
    Display Layer



     Render Layer



     Animation Layer



Maya 2009

Usage: __________________________________________________________________
Put layerEditor.mel and performCreateRenderLayer.mel  in any default scripts location or any location listed in MAYA_SCRIPT_PATH
Put renderable_dim.bmp in any default icon location or any location listed in XBMLANGPATH
For more info about scripts and icons directories, search for MAYA_APP_DIR in Maya help and click on the first result.

DO NOT overwrite the original scripts
layerEditor.mel in Maya2009/scripts/startup
performCreateRenderLayer.mel in Maya2009/scripts/others

Ruben Algarra
Cubica 2009


Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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