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JM Controller Master 2.5.0 for Maya (maya script)

Quick and easy rigging

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  • 2018, 2017

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  • Windows


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A Maya python script for simple controller creation and constraining. Fast and easy rigs with FK and IK. Additional settings are controller color, renaming including the hierarchy logic, manipulating the controller shape, offset the controller shape, create locator under joints, making your Rig Unity3D ready, creating locator on mesh center. Also, you can create, name and place joints in a fast way, as well as skinning simple and effective.

v.2.5 Another Update awaits, New Features under the Joints section are:

-> Custom Joint Orientations

-> Mirror Joints

NEW Tab: Skinning

-> The Tool now comes with a quick and easy way of skinning. My goal was like always to provide not the perfect result, but the best which is possible and most important is quick. therefore I used the Delta Mush deformer and integrated it into a two button function for game-ready skinning.


Of course, it is free so grab it, and try it out for yourself. Read the README for detailed instructions on every tool.

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