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Geocache Remote 0.0.1 for Maya (maya script)

This little tool helps control all geo caches in a scene. It turns Geo - Caches on/off and turns their blends on/off.a

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  • 2012, 2011

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Last Modified:07/31/2012
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geocache, cache

This small tool I wrote could help quicken some processes when working with geo caches.

It isn't particulary useful in most cases but it can speed up some typical actions when handling multiple geocaches in a scene, so I thought i'd share it.

It allows you to quickly

- Turn all geo caches on or off
- Turn the cache blends of all caches on or off
- Print a list of all caches and blends in the Script editor (can be useful when troubleshooting)

How to Install:

1) Copy the script to your script folder: /User/Documents/maya/version/scripts

2) Then load it to your script editor:
     - Open the script editor.
     - Within the Script editor: File -> Load Script...
     - Navigate to the script folder and select GeocacheremoteV1.mel.

3) Once its loaded into your Script editor, go back to File -> Save Script to Shelf...

4) Run it from there.


1) There is an issue when running the script for the first time in a scene: 
An error message pops up, saying "Error: "$windowParent" is an undeclared variable.". You may have to re-run the script, it should work then.

2) I will make an update at some point, so installation and use is faster. (by typing Geocacheremote(); in the command line)

I will eventually try to implement more sub-tools in the future, if their functions prove useful. 

Feel free to comment or report a bug / problem.

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