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Camera Go Home 0.9.9 for Maya (maya script)

Navigate to a new Home View for your Cameras

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  • 2008

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Last Modified:05/30/2008
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Sometimes it's useful to change the "Home" view for a camera.
This doesn't do that.  But it's easy to do that with a bookmark, and then you can use this script to restore that view, preferably w/a hotkey.  You can install the script, or here is the code (take it out of the global proc if you are going to paste it directly into a hotkey):

This script will move the camera in the panel under the mouse to a bookmark with the name: "camNameHome" (The window does not have to be the current window).
It requires the bookmarks to be setup by the user (View>Bookmarks>Edit Bookmarks).  I.E. the bookmarks for the default cameras would be named:
topHome, sideHome, frontHome, and perspHome.
Install in user scripts directory.
To assign to a hot key, in the hot key editor, make a new command and assign "pfm_camGoHome();" (no quotes).  The "Home" key works great.
It will generate a warning if there is no "camNameHome" in the panel in which it is invoked.

global proc pfm_camGoHome() {
    string $curPanel = `getPanel -up`;
    string $curCam = `modelPanel -q -cam $curPanel`;
    string $curCamHome = ($curCam + "Home");
    cameraView -e -camera $curCam -setCamera $curCamHome;


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