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Attribute Snap 3.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Move objects closer together using any attributes you decide.

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Last Modified:12/16/2017
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Attribute Snap

A Maya tool that assists in "sticking" objects to positions or rotations using non-standard attributes.

Think of it like a constraint, for situations when constraints cannot work (ie you need to use non-translate/rotate attributes or you need to match one object by moving another)


Simply copy the folder into your scripts directory in Maya. The folder should be named "attrsnap". Rename it to that if it is not.


Within Maya, create a shelf icon with the following PYTHON code:
  • import attrsnap
  • attrsnap.main()
Step one!

* Begin by deciding on two objects you wish to keep as close as possible to each other. If the exact position is not ideal (ie offsets) consider first constraining a locator to the object and using that for the snapping instead.

* Select both objects (locators?) and click "Get snapping objects from selection". You can also manually type in the names if that suits

Step two!

* Decide on the snapping type. Position or rotation. Position tracks the distance between objects and rotation tracks orientation. Select your preference from the dropdown.

Please note: You can certainly match a rotation using positional tracking, if you imagine it like a look-at constraint. Or vice versa.

Step three!

* Highlight the attributes of objects you wish to use in the channelbox.
* Click the "New attribute from channelbox" button.

Note: Think carefully about this. Are these attributes going to counter each other? Are they all needed (more attributes = more computing time)? A smart choice of attributes will produce a better, faster and more accurate match.

* Input limits in the "min" and "max" columns for the attributes. This is useful if you wish to restrict the matching. For instance not rotating past 360 degrees.


* Choose your frame range. Automatic framing is on by default.

Note: Automatic framing will adjust the frame numbers live to whatever frame you are on, OR to whatever range you have highlighted in the timeline.

Note: It's recommended that you first do a single frame match to test it out. Sometimes it does what it's supposed to, but not what you want it to do and some attribute adjustments can be fine tuned.

* Click "Do it!" to begin snapping the objects.

Extra Features!

* You can add more than one matching group at a time. When you run the tool it will automatically to every snapping group that is enabled. Disable groups to exlude them from the match, if you don't wish to delete them.

* Double click the tab button to rename the tab.
* Right click the "auto framerange" button to bring up extra options.
* The retarget tool (under utilities) will allow you to batch rename objects in the scene.
Useful if you are loading in a different scene and objects have subtle name changes. * You can export and import group settings. Great if you do matches often and wish to reload settings.

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
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