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Animation Tools 2.1.2 for Maya (maya script)

A tool for quick acess, skip and filtering of annoying animation tasks.

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Last Modified:08/26/2014
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This is a really simple script for really simple tasks. But since I live everyday with animators, they thank me alot for making their life easier for removing some annoying tasks they had to do all the time.

The most used feature is probably the graph filter. Wich, in a little window let you select the curves you want to show in the graph editor. Maya can already do that but it's a bit more user friendly in that little color-coded window. (IT'S NOW IN THE GRAPH EDITOR WINDOW TOO!)

Then, the fact that you can set hotkeys, right from the main window, is normally really appreciated.

You can offset selected keys by a determined number of frames with the top tool.
I also integrated Brian Horgan's  Stagger Animation tool. With the same input box.

The other 3 functions are basicaly show/hide functions for heavily used functions. You can show (and hotkey these functions), the Graph Editor (MODIFIED NOW), one or more motion trails on the selected items (and delete them all) and you can also toggle Nurbs Curves visibility for better animation reading (same as going View -> Nurbs Curves).

NOTE : SPECIAL OPTION FOR TIMESLIDER LENGHT -> Get the menu window longer, the option is hidden there.

 -= Install instructions : =-

- Copy this file in your scripts folder
- Paste this command in the Script Editor :

source AnimationToolV2;

- Middle-mouse click and drag to your shelf for later uses

-= For creating a shelf button instead of setting a hotkey for each funtions: =-
Show Nurbs Curves : showNurbsCurvesTool;
Motion Trail Tool : motionTrailTool;
Graph Editor : graphEditorViz;
Graph Filter : GraphFilter;
Tip : On new Maya startups, functions will not work until the window was run once (for hotkeys).
    You can also run this command before any functions to ensure it will be working without the window :
    source AnimationToolV2;
    xxxxxxxxxx (your selected function)

I do this from free time to help my animation team, requested will be listened, studied and maybe, done. 

A video will be uploaded soon! 

If you would like to thank me, everything is appreciated and will probably go toward more learning :

The codes for the windows were initially made with This tool
The code for the Animation Stagger was taken from the Animation Stagger script from Brian Horgan and adapted to this tool.

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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