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X3stardust matte-painting & photomapping tool 1.1.0 for Maya (maya plugin)

matte-painting & photomapping tool, with unique features as to photographs mapping

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  • Eddy Khemiri

    Eddy Khemiri said about 6 years ago:

    Hi DangerWeenie, thanks for posting. - to correct you, the Glyph software is at $199 at website. - For what I've read, I think there's a big difference between this software and the plugin I wrote: it seems to work simply by layering the projections one over another, whereas the stardust plugin truly calculates pixel per pixel the diffuse and diffuseSpecular (render) from geometry and photographs without any predefined order. This allows for automatic and easy blending of photographs with highlights and reflections, or to render images with specular. This is quite different. - Stardust supports mattes, you just need to add an alpha to your textures. - stardust supports any Maya/MentalRay textures, thus including openEXR, though I've not tested it yet. But I will. - It is planned that I write import routines for photogrammetry/structure-from-motion and matchmoving software. - it is also planned that I write a lens shader matching Stardust projections (planar,cylindrical,spherical,camera,ball) Best regards, Eddy.
  • DangerWeenie

    DangerWeenie said about 6 years ago:

    looks great! bur how would you compare this against glyph matte painting tool kit? it's only $99, supports EXRs, alpha blending, BUNDLR or AgiSoft / PhotoSynth point cloud import, motion path generated transparency projections, etc.

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