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May9 Next, an alternative user experience 10.0.4 for Maya (maya plugin)

May9 Next, an Autodesk Maya workflow plug-in

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  • 2019, 2018, 2017

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:02/16/2019
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Version History

Next.0.4 (2019/02/15)
- Add support to Walk tool
- Add vertex selection toggle script, under Paint Skin MM
- Assign toggle Isolate selected to CTRL + ALT + I
- Improve Skin Paint support
- Improve Skin Cluster support
- Improve modelling support
- Improve Manipulator orient script
- Revert back to legacy Light Editor
- Fix Crease tool MM
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.0.3 (2019/02/05)
- Add Delta Skin script
- Add Auto Unfold script
- Add UV Mono Shell script
- Improved Mesh light support
- Improved May9 update procedure
- Improved Rigid skin bind support
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.0.2 (2019/01/27)
- Add Cache playback and Parallel evaluation support directly in All_MM
- Add Edge slide support on Vertex MM
- Add Surface slide support on Edge MM and Face MM
- Add custom Soft selection and Symmetry to supported MMs
- Improve UV support
- Improve installation consistency
- Improve Connect tool support
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.0.1 (2019/01/20)
- Improve Cache playback support
- Improve curve support
- Improve Clean Topology script
- Improve XGen support
- Fix MMs check boxes errors
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.0.0 (2019/01/05)
- Initial release