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Free Comb Curve Tool for Maya 0.4.2 (maya plugin)

brush tool to shape select curves

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  • 2009, 2008

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:06/08/2009
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combCurve plug-in -- shaping curves with brush tool

Upated: 06/08/09

Copy MLL to maya/bin/plug-ins
Copy MEL to maya/scripts/others
Copy XPM to maya/icons

Select curve(s)
Run script:

setToolTo `combCurveToolContext`

to use the tool

Working with 4 modes:

free is moving all control vertex expect the root
tip is draging curve tip
scale is scaling the entire curve
noise is add/reduce noise to the curve

Hold Shift key and marquee to select more curve(s)
Hold Control key and marquee to de-select curve(s)

Compiled for Maya2008ext2 and 2009 on win32

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