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A simple toon shader 1.1 for Maya (maya plugin)

Dismayed at the complexity of some of the toon...

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Last Modified:08/12/2003
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Dismayed at the complexity of some of the toon shaders out there, I set out to create one that I (a novice) could understand... No mel scripts and clamp free.. +plus+ quick to render.. and no confusing instalation.

Step 1: Drag the file into the hypershade
Step 2: Select the surface you want to apply the toon shader to..
Step 3: Right click the new material in hypershade named 'Apply_Cartoon_sdr' and select 'Apply Material to Selection'

To customize the shader.. Still in hypershade.. Right click the material 'Apply_Cartoon_sdr' and select 'Graph Network'

Listed here are the nodes you will want to change...
Click on the node you want to edit (listed here) and change the 'selected color' field in the atribute editor.

**Node names and their functions.. (bottom of material hierarchy)**

toon_shader_surface_colour - Sets the over all colour of the toon shader
toon_shader_trans - sets the transparency (line and surface)
toon_shader_line_coluor - sets the outline colour

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