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Mel sytax definitions and coloring for Xcode 0.1.0 for Maya

Configuration files to allow Xcode to recognize, color code and format MEL scripts

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Last Modified:02/03/2010
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These three configuration files will allow Apple's Xcode Development environment to edit Maya Mel scripts. Once installed, the configuration allows Xcode to recognize Maya Mel Script files, and automatically color codes commands, attributes, variables and other key syntax of the script. This also allows code collapsing for procedure blocks, and statements, as well as command and node name completion. The configuration files contain all the commands and nodes for Maya version 2009. Using this for any other version may not recognize commands or nodes present (or absent) in other versions.

Creating these files were out of the desire to have more features and better capabilities for writing and editing mel scripts. There wasn't much of this for the Mac, so why not use Apple's own development environment that allows for this sort of configuration. The desire to share this was to hopefully fill this need for other Mac users.

Since Xcode version 3, Apple has changed the method they use for configuration files, so these configuration files will only work with version 3 and above. This was only tested with Xcode 3.2.1, so there could be issues with earlier versions.

This is the first version of the configuration files and there could be rules that are not included that may lead to inaccurate color coding, so if anything is missed please make a comment, and mention the version of Maya, and the version of Xcode. Also Xcode will not automatically open MEL script files. This can be changed by changing the default application for the MEL files, or merely open the file from within Xcode.

First and foremost, make sure the Apple Developer tools are installed. They can be downloaded from Apple's Developer site
(download is free, but requires a an ADC registration, which is also free)

Download the from here. This includes 3 files: mel.xclangspec, mel.xcspec, mel.xcsynspec

Place these files into the following directory:
~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Specifications/
If this directory doesn't exist, just create it.

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