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Flag 1.0.0 for Maya

Introduction to nDynamics

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  • 2013


Last Modified:05/14/2014
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Rig, nDynamics, ncloth, free

Hello All,


I have devloped a Flag for 3D animators to use and to learn more about nCloth and nDynamics.  Animators in the past already have converted objects like the bouncing ball,  flour sack, biped characters from the 2D plane into the 3D world, but the flag hasn't really been done for animators to use and learn from.  I was always intrigued by nCloth and dynamics and I wanted others to do the same.


The flag comes with a rigged pole and a compass shaped animation control that controls basic flag properties (stickiness, friction, damp, lift, mass, etc.) and wind speed and noise. 


I hope you all enjoy understand the dynaimc world and nCloth.



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