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blur2d auto gui 0.0.4

blur2d GUI advanced

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Last Modified:06/07/2006
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This gui for blur2d has some advantages over the pure commandline and blur2d

  • while the standart blur2d command only accept name.iff.####
    the gui filename support issnt limited, with the gui you could use
    • name.0000.iff
    • name_0000.iff
    • name0000.iff
    • name.iff.0000
the output file is name.####.iff
  • the padding and the framecount are auto detected, there is no need for manual set the framerange. because each frame is blured seperate, sequences with holes are possible (example: 1-50, 57-66,104)
  • the destination dir is changeable, with unix style dir syntax (../dir_one_level_up, ../../newdir)
  • all blur2d parameters could be set, just the start-, end-, stepframe are not available since they will be detected automatically
  • the gui displays some infos over the detected files
    • startframe
    • endframe
    • frame count
    • padding
    • status of the blur2d process
  • important! beacause its a perl script you need a perl interpretor
    • the most linux distributions come with one
    • for windows i recomment to download ActivePerl (12MB)
    • the environment varibale MAYA_LOCATION must point to your maya dir otherwise the script will not found the blur2d binary, in most cases this variable should exist.
feel free to send me a email if there are problems with the script.

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