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mesh_mtorRender.mel 1.5.9

MEL script for setting MTOR RenderGlobals

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Last Modified:07/21/2009
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This script mostly duplicates functionality of MTOR RenderGlobals, but with some new features:
- commands for "Render", "GenerateRIB"
- advanced and compact UI mode
- QuickLaunch bar with switches and popup menus for recently used options
- Popup menu for cameras list from Maya scene
- Maintaince of width/height ratio for display resolution
- Workspace Editor functions

- multiply selection mode while editing Secondary Displays and Channels

- access to depreciated options that are hidden in current RenderGlobals ( Jitter, Hider, ... )

- local render without alfred.

Version 1.5.9 works on Linux. (Directory browser doesn't work on Linux though...)

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