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Domino Rigger 1.0.0 for 3dsmax (3dsmax script)

Easy and Procedural Domino Animation Tool for 3ds Max.

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  • 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

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Last Modified:05/31/2016
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Easy and Procedural Domino Animation Tool for 3ds Max.

Domino Rigger is a simulation-free interactive domino animation solution. The script rigs any amount of dominoes guided by selected splines. Afterwards you can just use the slider on the master controller to make the domino animation instantly.

No simulation waiting times.

No unexpected results.

Main Features:
  • Simple Curve based domino creation. You can use both spline and nurbs curves.
  • Ability to adjust domino shape. Dominoes can be box or chamferbox shaped. Width, height, length, fillet and fillet segments are controllable.
  • Dominoes can be unique meshes or instances.
  • Can place the dominoes over any custom ground.
  • Hierarchy option. According to the splines hieararchy, domino branches affect each other.
  • Simple controllers. You can create seperate controllers for each spline, one controller for each root spline (hierarchy option) or single controller for all splines.
  • East animation and randomization controls after the creation at anytime.
  • Tweak Tools. It is possible to tweak the rest rotations of dominoes and slide collision and rest timings easily.
  • Various wire coloring tools. It is possible to colorize dominoes randomly, as gradients or from textured ground objects. (standard materials only)

Sample Workflow:

  • Draw a spline (or multiple splines)
  • If you want one continuous motion along the spline branches, create a hierarchy by linking the splines each other. Leave the root spline unlinked to anything
  • Create a plane object to be the ground (optional) Crank up the segments and add a noise or wave modifier on it to make it non-flat. Move the curves just above the ground plane. (or move down the ground plane)
  • Run the Domino Rigger. Add the splines using "Add" button under Splines group to add them one-by-one. Or use the "List" button to add all of them
  • check the "use Ground" checkbox if you want to use ground object. Press the "Pick Ground" button then select the plane objece. If "use Ground" is not checked, dominoes will be created on a flat surface aligned to the curves.
  • Press "Create Rig" button.
  • There will be one more domino controllers according to the settings and spline count. Select one of them and use "Action" slider in the modifiers panel to instantly animate the dominoes.

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