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DTX_Deformation 1.0 DEMO 1.0.0 for 3dsmax (3dsmax plugin)

blends three col

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Last Modified:12/20/2007
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DTX_Deformation is the composer texmap.

  • Blends three sub-texmaps or colors due to owning object's deformation value and sign. Evaluation is performed relatively some predefined non-deformed state.
  • Preview of sub-texmap/color blending is provided. You can change the deformation of sample and watch how map is changed.
  • Blending can be adjusted using 'Deformation/Mix' curve.


It Object can be deformed using some simple modifier like 'Bend Modifier', it should be animated of course. Some complex deformation can be made by morpher modifier. You also can use DTX_Deformation for Reactor's soft bodies.


Note: You can download demo for MAX 6 and 8 form the DimensionGears site. Registering of demo version discards all limitations. 

Distributive includes help reference and sample files.

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