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Madcap Muscle 1.0.0 for Xsi

Muscle with simulation

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  • 5.x, 4.x

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:02/03/2006
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- NURBS / Polygons
- Control Cross Sections
- Subdivision modifications
- Control Cross Sections

Get > Primitive > Muscle Create (create muscle)
    1.pick curve or 3d objet
    2.pick up-vector object or just cancel
    3.Select Muscle Mesh

Scale : global scale /Cross Section 2,3,4 without begin and end/
Divisor : change scale sensitive / for exaple if you change this value you must compensate with Scale/
Render : render visibility on/off
Radius Begin : cross section 01 radius
Radius CS 01 : cross section 02 radius
Radius CS Center : cross section 03 radius
Radius CS 02 : cross section 04 radius
Radius CS End : cross section 05 radius
Subdivision U : subdivision Poly Mesh U
Subdivision V : subdivision Poly Mesh V
Subdivision CS : subdivide cross sections
SimMute : Simulation Mute on/off (softbody jitter ! )

Get > Primitive > Muscle upVector (change muscle upvector)
   1.pick muscle model
   2.pick up-vector object

Recommend :
    1.Connect control null's with POSE constrain
    2.Use Shrink Wrap to deform the body mesh

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