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LM_ApplySynoptic.vbs 1.5 for Xsi (xsi script)

Well tired of having to select the...

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Last Modified:01/18/2002
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Well tired of having to select the object
then apply the property "synoptic"
then select your Htm page from the Browser
Then press F3 to bring up that synoptic view.

Of course this is just in 2.0 and higher but me I've been on that version for a while now and I know I'm tired of doing all those steps. When in the end I want a button that ask me for the Htm file and that's it everything else is done for you even the opening of the synoptic chosen.

So simply select an object then run the script. Select your HTM file et Voila!

This is running on 2.0 and higher only since it's written using the object model and also the synoptic is only available in 2.0 and higher :)

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