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BG_Nudge 1.0 for Xsi

For XSI 2.0.1 & up Ever want to nudge a...

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Last Modified:02/05/2002
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For XSI 2.0.1 & up

Ever want to nudge a parameter value up or down? This addon will install custom commands and a custom keyboard mapping that will do just that.

1. Install BG_Nudge.xsiaddon.
2. Switch the keyboard mapping over to "Nudge Map" (or create your own)
3. Mark any parameter(s)
4. Use the numeric keypad to nudge the parameter value up or down.

7 = large nudge down 9 = large nudge up
4 = med nudge down 6 = med nudge up
1 = small nudge down 3 = small nudge up

The first time the script is run, a custom PPG is created, and the user may input the increment amounts for large, medium, and small. The custom PPG is stored under the scene root and may be accessed and modified any time thereafter.

The script includes basic error checking, but might not cover every situation.

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