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Scripts / Plugins > Texturing compatible with Xsi

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  • fnPeltMapper for Xsi 1.0.0
    fnPeltMapper for Xsi
    Setup complex UV mappings in a few steps

    Rating: 5.0
    Added 2005-10-20 17:50:37 UTC
  • PShopSelectActions for Xsi 2.2 (xsi script)
    PShopSelectActions for Xsi
    ABSTRACT: selected PShop actions in XSI are...

    Updated 2003-10-01 21:46:40 UTC
  • PSMyXSIAction for Xsi 2.0 (xsi script)
    PSMyXSIAction for Xsi
    Description: Runs selected image source from...

    Updated 2003-10-01 21:45:03 UTC
  • Copy Material & Texture_Projection for Xsi 1.0 (xsi script)
    Copy Material & Texture_Projection for Xsi
    This script tool is for batch duplicating a...

    Added 2003-01-20 16:07:05 UTC
  • UV Copy to Group for Xsi 1.0 (xsi script)
    UV Copy to Group for Xsi
    UVCopy2Grp.Vbs is similar to the Si3D Copy...

    Added 2002-07-11 18:39:04 UTC
  • ImagePlane for Xsi 1.2 (xsi script)
    ImagePlane for Xsi
    Creates an imageplane for modelling. This...

    Updated 2002-06-28 18:04:44 UTC
Showing 1-6 of 6