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multiplane 1.0 for Shake

Here's a little macro that I wrote to simulate...

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Last Modified:06/09/2000
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Here's a little macro that I wrote to simulate some of what action does...

It allows you to layer up to ten nodes together and it figures out where they are in Z space and layers them accordingly.

It also features a master "camera" control that allows you to move/rotate/scale a fake camera in your comp with proper parallax and all. Motion blur and field of view are linked for all layers. Also included is a camera/side/top view toggle to allow you to look at your comp at different angles without messing up your work.

The present limitations are as follow:
-You need 2.21, I don't think that it will run in 2.2
-You are limited to 10 layers (altough you can up that very easily in the macro itself)
-If you rotate the camera more than 180 degrees, the layer becomes inversed... I won't be able to get to this for another month, so feel free to fix it... and post it back as a V2.0
-The external Move3D nodes need to keep the names that they presently have, if you change them, it will break the macro.
-All the layers are comped in Over mode.



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