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AutoDOD 1.0 for Shake

Tragically, this macro is currently suffering...

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Last Modified:08/29/2003
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Tragically, this macro is currently suffering from a rather severe flaw: it works perfectly until you save your script. Upon relaunching, the script will not retain the tracked DOD information. Also, trying to save out an IFF sequence will not successfully embed the DOD in the file. I'm currently attempting a workaround - anyone who figures a solution out before me gets free bragging rights ;)

Description and Instructions:

Automatically creates a DOD border around an image sequence by tracking significant pixels.

Track Alpha/Luminance/Channels etc.: Determines whether specific channels are scanned during the track

AssessThreshold: The value at which a pixel is considered "worth" being included in the DOD

proxyLevel: A proxy is made of the original image (it's bloody slow otherwise). The default is a quarter, which means you have the possibility of a DOD 3 pixels larger than your actual image. You can always set this to 1 and use one of the Pixar proxy sets instead.

graceSize: For some completely inexplicable reason, pixels were getting shaved off, so the graceSize forces the DOD to be slightly larger than the tracked results. This potentially adds a few extra pixels, but is calculated based on the proxy resolution and in most cases won't cause any pain.

internals: stuff I needed to expose for the tracker to show up under the viewer. You don't need to edit anything here.

Operation: track with the track forward button under the viewer, then switch the applyTransform to DOD mode to use the resulting tracked DOD.

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