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vm_blockers 1.0.0 for Renderman

Slim templates for light blocking and masking

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Last Modified:12/01/2005
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vm_blockers is a collection of Slim templates for light blocking and masking.
Tested with RAT 6.0

contains following templates:

BlockerSpace - manifold template defining the space in which light blockers should operate.Should be plugged into the manifold parameter of BlockerElement.Zero is at the center of coordinate system. Edges of coordinate system correspond to -0.5 and 0.5. So don't forget to translate Your coordinates when reading textures in this manifold.

BlockerElement - color template for light blocking and masking. Produces fake shadows (blocker shadows) and window effects. You may plug it directly into Shadow parameter of Your lightsource or use CombineBlockerList for more complex compositing with other blockers and standart shadows

CombineBlockerList - color combiner list template for combining an arbitrary list of BlockerElements.

Test scene with sample slim shading nertwork included

Click on thumbnail to see the image rendered from the test scene

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