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ep_simple 1.0.2 for Renderman

color, diffuse, occlusion, environment reflections

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Last Modified:05/17/2009
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This is a simple sl file that encapsulates the most used passes: color, diffuse, occlusion, specular and environment reflections.

You can disable occlusion, specular and environment reflection calculations. Diffuse, ambient and specular are calculated using categories, so it is important to assign light shaders with categories as well.

It was tested using 3delight (and maya 2009).

If you use maya, 3delight and renderman codes, you may be interested in some sl. This shader may help you get started with basic functions.

- added occ_dark and occ_ambient
- added code to handle displacement in occlusion (if "trace displacement" is disabled in the geo attributes, and the displacement shader export undisplaced P, occlusion will use it).

update may 17th 2009: In the occlusion AOV, I was using occlusion_raw so even when colored_occlusion was 1, you only could see the result in the beauty render. Now I've updated the code to output the colored result... You can still modify this in line 321:

renderAOV_OCC = occlusion_colored * Oi;   // output colored occlusion insted of raw

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