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Access Old Beta Paint Node
Access Old Beta Paint Node
Aaron Marine, added 2015-07-21 12:59:18 UTC 2,388 views  Rating:
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The Paint node (not RotoPaint) is one of the many hidden gems already programmed into Nuke that is not part of any tool set, or even accessable when loading all tools. You have to use a simple script command to make it surface. The Paint node is a great tool for working with paint strokes on a spline path and having fine pressure control over them. I find this tool especially handy when having to rotoscope fine lines such as hair or wires. With that said, let's get started in accessing the node.

Open up the script editor in a new pane. Type the following command and hit CTRL/RETURN (CMND/RETURN FOR MAC) to execute:


If you would like to make this node freefloating on the toolbar for quick access, navigate to your .nuke directory, located in your computer's user directory, and edit the "" file to have the following line:

toolbar.addCommand("Paint - Beta", "nuke.createNode(\"Paint\")", icon="")

To make it a submenu item in the toolbar, add the following lines to the "" file instead:

user = toolbar.addMenu("User Tools", icon="")
user.addCommand("Paint - Beta", "nuke.createNode(\"Paint\")", icon="")

If you do not have a specified icon for the new menu on the toolbar, your button will be invisible, but still useable.


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