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A beautiful Sun!!
A beautiful Sun!!
Pau Rocher, updated 2009-12-09 18:34:32 UTC 46,700 views  Rating:
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It is almost done!!
Just add a merge from the last VolumeRays and the last Shuffle with the In operation.
A Transform with these expressions in the center fields:


I use this Transform node to adjust the size of the generatedeffect.

Now we are going to merge the color corrected sky with the sun effect.
A Plus merger from our last Transform node (input A), and from our Graded sky (input B).
I also put a flare effect after the sky.

Download the script and images here

--> script
--> images

I hope you enjoy it and learn something!! Thanks to Simon Bronson for correcting this text!
Pau Rocher Castellano
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