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bi_readMultGeo 1.0.0 for Nuke (nuke script)

Opens FBX file and loads individual objects into the separate "ReadGeo" nodes.

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  • 6.x

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Last Modified:07/29/2013
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Read Mult Geo 1.0 for Nuke
This script is free. Use it on your own risk.

### INSTALL ###
To install the script simply copy "" to your Nuke scripts folder.
On windows usualy is here: C:/Users/(user)/.nuke
On mac usualy is here: /Library/Application Support/NUKE/(version)/plugins

Tip:If you have trouble finding the place for it, you can use the code bellow to find all Nuke plugin paths on your system. Apply code in Nuke script editor to view the result:
import nuke
print nuke.pluginPath()

If you dont have any of my tools already, then add this code to the bottom of your Nuke
toolbar ="Nodes")
borisTools = toolbar.addMenu('BI_tools')
borisTools.addCommand("Open FBX...", "import bi_readMultGeo as inst;inst.callInputs()")

If however, you already have any of my tools then add this code after this line "umbrellaMenu = toolbar.addMen('BI_tools')" in your Nuke
borisTools.addCommand("Open FBX...", "import bi_readMultGeo as inst;inst.callInputs()")

### USE ###
-Select "Open FBX..." option
-Add number of objects in your FBX file
-Choose single constant for all objects or constant per object (multi)

### FEATURES ###
-Option for multiple or single constant node

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Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
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