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AssembleEdit_V20 0.2.0 for Nuke (nuke script)

Assembles a bunch of image sequences inside Nuke with the help of a list of editpoints.

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Last Modified:01/29/2010
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assemble, shots, edit, list

A quick history of the script:
I am working on autodesk flame for over 10 years on commercials and feature films. On my first Nuke job I had a client approved edit (yes, this was nearly true) and no system available to me to assemble the edit in a form of DPX sequences.
So I set up (kind of) this script by hand and more than once miscalculated with the TimeOffsets (I set them up in the read node as 'frame-xxx'). This script is not supposed to be a conforming tool.
But often I set up a job on flame, conform it and then pass out all the shots on a server for the 2D and 3D departments in a form of SH01 to this case I had a reference quicktime movie, I added frame numbers to it which makes it easy to count all the editpoints in the spot.

Example: (1500 frames edit with 10 shots) in the file 'editpoints_1500.txt'
sh01 1
sh02 100
sh03 237
sh04 320
sh05 545
sh06 678
sh07 889
sh08 1011
sh09 1250
sh10 1425
shxx 1500

Use a fresh and clean Nuke with no nodes in the DAG!
create an "editpoints.txt" file
Have your shots stored in subfolders from sh01 to shxx. (shxx is only the last frame)
And tell the script your file format.

This will create 'read' nodes with their 'timeoffset' and 'switch' nodes which jump from shot to shot.
As this is my first script I left all my debugging print commands inside the script.
If you comment out all nuke commands you can run this script "dry" as pure Python.

This script can be run directly from the script editor or run from your custom menu entry.

import AssembleEdit"Nodes")
toodee=menubar.addMenu("&TooDee", icon="yourpath/TooDee.png")
toodee.addCommand('AssembleEdit', 'AssembleEdit.AssembleEdit()', icon="/yourpath/AssEdit.png")

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