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NFXPlugins 1.0.1 for Nuke (nuke plugin)

A collection of plugins for Nuke

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  • 5.x

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:02/16/2010
File Size: 1.86 MB

Version History

New Features Overview
  • A Crop node with additional functionality over Nukes default Crop node.
  • 2 different crop box modes.
  • Separate softness controls for left, right, top, and bottom.
  • Ability to choose the color for black outside.  

  • Custom Camera node for reading OpenEXR camera header data from image files.
  • Ability to bake out Camera animation into regular Nuke Camera nodes.
  • Baked image sequence info is added to regular Nuke Camera nodes when Camera animation is baked.
  • Supports 3D Studio Max finalRender and VRay OpenEXR Camera data, also supports VRay for Maya OpenEXR Camera data.

  • Custom Axis node with the ability to move itself to Vertices, Faces, Bounding Box Centers, and Point on Surface Projection of Geometry in Nuke.
  • Has the ability to rotate along the connected Geometries Normals.
  • Can bake out the World Location, Rotation, and Scale of the Axis node.  

  • Node for calculating the intersection point of two 2D vectors. Useful for scaling an image against a vanishing point.  

  • Node that can take channel data representing a Normals pass and rotate the Normals data by an Axis node.
  • Useful for turning World Normals channel data into Camera Normals with a Nuke Camera node or visa versa.
  • Can receive both normalized or unnormalized Normals pass channel data.  

  • Reconcile3D node with a slightly better UI then Nukes default Reconcile3D node. 
  • Adds a Transform jack like a Transform node.
  • Includes a Move Mix slider for mixing between the reconciled location and the local Transformations.  

  • Normals based relighting node.
  • Draws a shaderball in Nuke Viewers making it easy to visualize where the light position is and how it will affect the output.
  • Has the ability to output different results such as the lightmap, lightmap mask, specular, and specular mask.

  • Code taken from an OpenEXR tone-mapping command line tool and put into a native Nuke node.  

  • A Transform node with additional functionality over Nukes default Transform node.
  • Outputs Nuke metadata such as the Transform nodes matrix, translation, rotation, and scale.
  • Has the ability to display a 4x4 array of float knobs for those moments you want to nerd out and hand type a transformation Matrix.
  • On top of connecting an image to transform, this node contains infinite inputs for connecting other Transform class nodes. Each extra connected Transform node will have its Matrix used as part of the overall transformation.  

  • Custom NoOp node that will draw in Viewers the connected Geometries UV layout.

  • Using channel data that represents 3D Vector location data, VectorMatte will generate a holdout matte based on a specified color - Vector.
  • Can generate a Box or Sphere based holdout.
  • A Node for generating 3D Vector location data from a Camera and ZDepth channel. 

  • Align
  • Colorize
  • Crop
  • DuoTone
  • EXRCamera
  • ExtractHSLV
  • FalloffShader
  • GeoAxis
  • LineIntersect
  • LookAt
  • LookAtMasked
  • MonoChrome
  • MultiplyNormals
  • Normalize
  • Point2Point
  • Reconcile3D
  • RelightSimple
  • Scatter
  • Steps
  • ToneMapPP
  • Transform
  • UVImage
  • UVViewer
  • VectorMatte
  • XYZGenerate