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DepthSlice 1.0.0 for Nuke

Shake's DepthSlice clone.

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Last Modified:06/20/2008
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This is a clone for the Shake's DepthSlice node.

When I began working on my Shake's iDilateErode gizmo, I did it before on Shake to be sure that the nodes that I had used to get it done, were the best approach to the node (the algorithms are the same). I used the DepthSlice to get the steps for the node. Then, when I was writting the Nuke's clone, I saw that the Nuke's ZSlice works different... so I had to write the DepthSlice before doing the iDilateErode. And that's it!!!! I got the DepthSlice gizmo!!!!

I hope you enjoy it!!!

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Cuco Bur

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