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Subdivision Modeling of a Human
Subdivision Modeling of a Human
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The Toe Nails

The toe nails are modeled using the same technique as the one for the finger nails.

1. Select the polygon at the top and front of the toe. Bevel it once. Rotate it up a little.

2. Bevel the newly created polygon again and move the new polygon up. Move the front points forward.

3. Use the knife tool to slice across the middle of the newly created polygons and the part of the toe that they are attached to.

4. Switch to subdivision mode and shape the toe and nail.

5. Select the toe nail, name its surface and apply the toe texture to it. Select the cuticle polygon, name its surface and apply the cuticle texture to it.

6. Figure 15 shows the finished foot and toe nails in low polygon and subdivision mode.

About the Author:
Peter Ratner is a Professor of Art at James Madison University. He is the founder and head of the Computer Animation program in JMU�s School of Art and Art History. Professor Ratner has authored two books about 3D modeling and animation. His most recent book is Mastering 3D Animation (Allworth Press). His animations, computer graphics, and paintings have been exhibited in numerous juried exhibitions, gal- leries, and museums. He can be reached at


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