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"File contains unknown nodes or data" solution--VIDEO TUTORIAL--aviad van-prach
"File contains unknown nodes or data" solution--VIDEO TUTORIAL--aviad van-prach
aviad van-prach, added 2010-02-18 23:35:49 UTC 23,853 views  Rating:
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hey there
first of all,just to notice that you can find this solution allso in other websites,but only here i'll show you it on video.

so first i'll explain the problem

-- sometimes you get a maya file that sombody gave you,lets say that your friend gave you a scene that he did in maya 2010.
but you have maya 2008.
so you ask your friend to save his file in maya ascci(.ma), so thene you will change it manualy  to maya 2008 version.
but whats happend if your friend can't save his file in maya ascci type(.ma) ???thene you f*** up !!!

normaly when you can't save the file in maya ascci(.ma),maya will show an error that say:
"File contains unknown nodes or data. To preserve this information, the current file type cannot be changed."

it mean that you have unknow nodes that maya dont know what to do or how to save this nodes!
normaly this unkown nodes come because you have used(or sombody als) some plug-ins that you dont have enymore on your computer!
so, maya try to look those plug's and dont find them...for that resons they are "unknows"

so i will show you in this tutorials how to solve this issiue.

Aviad Van-Prach --433--israel--