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#rigTip - How Move a Skinned Joint
#rigTip - How Move a Skinned Joint
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In this tutorial I go to explain how you can move a skinned joint, but not with the maya command but using the skinCluster "attributes" and I show a little example how we can use this method to implement our rig.


  • shannonhochkins

    shannonhochkins said over 5 years ago:

    Hey Marco, Awesome stuff! I'd like to have a look at your folical script!
  • Marco  D'Ambros

    Marco D'Ambros said over 5 years ago:

    Hi mate! yes of course, this is the script, it works with the maya api 2.0, so I need to have the at least 2013, but in case you don't It easy to move "normal maya api". from maya.api import OpenMaya #from maya import OpenMaya as OpenOld import pymel.core def create_follicle_from_position(mesh, position): ''' ''' pyMesh = pymel.core.PyNode(mesh) mSel = OpenMaya.MGlobal.getSelectionListByName(mesh) dMesh = mSel.getDagPath(0) dMesh.extendToShape() fnMesh = OpenMaya.MFnMesh(dMesh) mPoint = OpenMaya.MPoint(position) uvVal = fnMesh.getUVAtPoint(mPoint, OpenMaya.MSpace.kWorld, uvSet =fnMesh.getUVSetNames()[0]) follicleNode = pymel.core.createNode("follicle") follicleT = pymel.core.listRelatives(follicleNode,parent=True)[0] # do a check before get the index pyMesh.attr("outMesh").connect(follicleNode.attr("inputMesh")) pyMesh.attr("worldMatrix").connect(follicleNode.attr("inputWorldMatrix")) follicleNode.attr("outTranslate").connect(follicleT.attr("translate")) follicleNode.attr("outRotate").connect(follicleT.attr("rotate")) follicleNode.attr("parameterU").set(uvVal[0]) follicleNode.attr("parameterV").set(uvVal[1]) return {"node":follicleNode, "transform":follicleT} let me know if you have any problem :) cheers Marco

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