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Ultra Checker for Maya 1.0.0 (maya script)

Interactive Shader for viewing UV Streches

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  • 2009, 2008, 8.x, 7.x

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Last Modified:06/28/2009
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UltraChecker script creates checker shader for your model, in toggle mode and allows you to control tiling of the checker image interactively.
You can switch between three embedded checker maps or to choose any of jpg images as your own version.
Script will store image you're selected and it will use it automaticly as default, next time you start the script

Basicly the main purpose of this script is to save your time each time when you need to check UVs of your model for any stretches.

To use this script just select an objects you want the shader to be assigned to and run the script from your shelf
rerun will cause the script to delete created shader from your scene and will restore material of your objects back to default "lamber1".

If you prefer to select your own image file as checker please use "Select Image File" button.
use the same button with the particular checkbox is selected if you want to replace default checker with your own.

place files from archive to your  " documentsmayayour maya versionscript" folder

How it works:
After extracting files from archive put both of the commands below separately to your shelf

 iDCheckBeforeExecute($iDShader_path, $iDShader_sg, $iDShader_mat, $iDShader_tex, $iDShader_util, $iDShader_type); - use it to createdelete shader in toggle mode
 iDCreateChekerOptions($iDShader_path, $iDShader_sg, $iDShader_mat, $iDShader_tex, $iDShader_util, $iDShader_type); - this command will open script options window

Extended commands:
 iDCheckBeforeExecute($iDShader_path, $iDShader_sg, $iDShader_mat, $iDShader_tex, $iDShader_util, "UltraChecker"); - to assign UltraChecker Map
 iDCheckBeforeExecute($iDShader_path, $iDShader_sg, $iDShader_mat, $iDShader_tex, $iDShader_util, "AliasChecker"); - to assign Alias Official Map
 iDCheckBeforeExecute($iDShader_path, $iDShader_sg, $iDShader_mat, $iDShader_tex, $iDShader_util, "CustomChecker"); - to assign Custom Map

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