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Reorder material slots 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

A simple script to reorder materials slots

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  • 2019

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material slots

A simple script to reorder materials slots. Useful when exporting your meshes to an other software where the material slot order is important.
*The script relies on splitting the geo and merging it back together, which is not ideal in all situations*

 Splits mesh based on materials and reassembles pieces in the order given by the user.
 This ensures that buggy meshes gets the desired Material order when imported into Unreal.

 Known bugs:
 (Generally these are easy things to fix but were out of scope when being written)
 - The script doesn't do any undo handling, so the undo stack can get weird.
 - Reassigning or renaming materials after they have been loaded will break the script.
 - The order that materials are listed when hitting "Load Materials" are not the same order it will appear in Unreal (So you can't reload materials to "double check" the order).
 - The script doesn't check if a window already exists so it's possible to have multiple windows that will interfer with eachother. If that happens just close all and open a new one.
 - The resulting mesh is combined from parts but their verticies are not merged.
 - Pivot will be reset to world origin.

 How to use:
 1. Run the script.
 2. Select the Mesh to be reordered and click "Load Materials".
 3. Select materials to the left and move them up or down the list using the buttons to the right.
 4a. To generate a combined mesh with the new material order click "Reorder".
 4b. To just split the mesh into its Material parts click "Split Mesh".

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
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Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
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