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MYamRenamer.0 2.0.3 for Maya (maya script)

Node name Rename / Replace / Overlap check Tool

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  • 8.x, 7.x, 6.x

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  • Windows


Last Modified:11/09/2006
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:: Descriptions ::


  This script will Rename / Replace / Overlap check  to some items names .

  And if new name is already existing name(overlapped name),

  then will display warning in the "MYamRenamer2 Result Window".

  And will display details to "Script Editor".




< Update on v2.03 >
-Added statement of load global variable of MYamCoreLibrary version float data to MYamRenamer2UI.mel.

 ( I did forget reboot check of maya. At last, it is possible to use this tool.

   Really i am so sorry for everyone who had downloaded old version. )

-Changed message string.


< Update on v2.02 >
- Upgraded MYamCoreLibrary version 1.02  to version 1.03.

  The MYamCoreLibrary was not upgraded at MYamRenamer2 v2.01.


< Update on v2.01 >
-The wrong result message in the output window message was corrected.


< Update on v2.00 >
A lot of codes were rewritten and added.


-Rename order was reversed. The error of the path acquisition disappears.
-Result window was changed to very simpler.
-Function "refresh" was deleted.
-Function "overlap check" was added.





1 Unzip downloaded zip file.

  These files find out when unzipping the file.



    MYamCoreLibrary Folder(include MYamCoreLibrary.mel)



2 These all mel script file copy or move to your script path.
  Move all mel files to " /User Name/My Documents/maya/scripts "


  If you want to update, Please overwrite all new mel files to old mel files.





:: Execute ::
  source MYamRenamer2UI.mel
  If execute MYamRenamer2UI.mel. Window will open.



 :: USAGE :: 

Select rename target.

            Selection : Target is all selected items.
  DAG Hierarchy : Target is all children of current selected item.
                                The process traces the hierarchy and is executed.
                                If use this option, please select one DAG object.  



  // Rename //
  1 Input base name.


  2 Select type of node. If you want to use other node type,
      Select "Custom input", then input node type to text field.


  3 Select number type.


  4 Input number information.
      startNo : Start number of rename process.
                       If you use alphabet number, exsample input 2, then number is b(B),
        figure  : Figure of padding number. This option is for number only.
      finalNo : This is suffix number. Normally 1.


  5 Select position. This is almost the same as choose node type.


  6 Check preview text field. If OK, press the rename button.


  // Replace //
  1 Input string "from".  2 Input string "to".
  3 Press the replace button.


  // Overlap check //
  1 Press the overlap check button.

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