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CurveCutter 1.0.9 for Maya (maya script)

Cuts curves into user defined lengths.

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  • 2015

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:02/28/2016
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Cuts curves into user defined lengths. User can define up to 10 segment widths, to be cut in sequence along the curve. Infinity option is available to repeat the sequence of segments until they no longer fit the curve. Autoscale function is available to fit the desired number of sub curve lengths, to the curve.  This works by proportionally scaling, the user defined lengths, by a length ratio which fits the curve. If autoscale is off only the possible number of segments that can fit the curve are cut. There is also an option to use custom names for the segments. There is an in built tolerance control, which maintains the curvature of the curve. Currently only outputs degree 3 curves.

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