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AnimRange 3.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Selects different ranges in the timeline

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  • 7.x, 6.x

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Last Modified:07/11/2006
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A window contains several rows of fields where you can input the name of a specific piece of animation in your timeline along with the beginning and end frames. When the button is pressed the time slider jumps to that segment. The script can also be used to mark certain points within an animation. The script is very easy to use but please read the instructions in the script file.


Important Note: AnimRange 3.0 is not backwards compatible with version 2.O.


Sean Nolan made the following changes:


It is now possible to add and delete rows:

-If a Maya file is opened and if no AnimRange node exists in the Maya file:  When the script is executed, an initial small window appears asking how many rows are needed. Then the second window with the various input fields pops up.


-If a Maya file is opened and a node with AnimRange data already exists: When the script is executed, the second window with the input fields appears and the data is automatically loaded into the fields. 


The LOAD button was removed: As mentioned above, if AnimRange data already exists in the Maya file, loading happens automatically when the script is executed.


The TRANSFER button was removed: With respect to transferring data from the script to the Maya file, this now happens when the "set" button is pressed.  The set button also jumps to that segment in the timeline (It's helpful to add a row with the beginning and end frames of the whole timeline so that you can easily jump back to this section when necessary).



Please see instructions in the script for more info.


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