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AfterUVLayout 1.1.1 for Maya (maya script)

Help more fast and accurate UV layout.In order to layout, rather than the unfold

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  • 2012, 2011, 2010, 9.x, 2009, 2008, 8.x, 7.x

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Translated from GOOGLE:  

=================== AfterUVLayout ========================
2011-10-18 by jerryjin
support   maya  7.0.1, 8.5, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
and fix some bug.  

 =================== AfterUVLayout ========================

2011-10-06 by jerryjin

maya 2009

Usage:  AfterUVLayout v1.1 officially released, because this name is too easy misunderstanding with UV artifact UVLayout , so the 1.1 release, officially changed its name to:   AfterUVLayout. AfterUVLayout can not challenge UVLayout Pro. The MEL ​​is not unfold UV, which is used in the unfolded UV or UV Shell after the move, rotate, align, and other operations. So you can strike a more accurate and convenient place to reach your satisfaction UV like to go out to draw maps or PS to do anything else.

Log:  The 1.1 change too many things.Optimized code, strengthening the rotation function, enhanced translate features, additional UVShell alignment function,Added language switch function with UI, new tools to increase the MiniShelf and quick selection. There are many small changes,I also remember, in short, forget the 1.0.

--------------------------------- Layout ++ ---------------------------------

This column can be divided into three blocks by working

------ Rotation:   to select the center point of rotation of UV UVShell:   (choose only one UV point oh!)

Pivot:   the pivot point where the value is the axis of rotation

Degeree:  provides a common point of view

Center:   Click to get the selected value of the pivot point of UV

Angle:  display the current value Rotate:   to perform the rotation

+-:  Can be converted to positive and negative values ??in the Angle

GetAngle:  pick two UV points, press it, you can display the Angle angle between two points.


------ Translation:  

Translate by step:  Value of the value of step with the test mobile. The middle button switch Shell and UV point.

X:   Y:  Value for rapid tired of value addition and subtraction, with the following + -

C0:  used to clear the value in the Value

Dot:  Move the decimal point aroundAbsolute or Relative:   absolute, relative value

Get_D:  Select two UV points for the distance between them

GetXY:  point coordinates for UV

GetX:  get X alone

GetY:  get Y alone

Translate:   Executive translate


------ ABCD mode:   Press to open the corresponding mode

H:  Horizontal mode. A point by point B in the sequence, will be subject to the horizontal AB Shell (note that the A click, another click about B, not for adding)

V:   Vertical mode. Above, but change the level of vertical

A-> B:   A move to the B mode. A point of order selection, then select the B point. Will move the center point A to point B at the Shell.

AB @> AC:  AB to CD mode by rotating the order of selection ABCD, with AB define a line, go to the AC angle

A-> C, AB @> AC:  The above two models fit, AB, CD define the two lines, A is the center of mobile C, AB and CD of one to point to.

--------------------------------- Average UV ---------------------------------------

------Average UV

Pin Min and Max UVS:  choose a UV, the hook on it, will live in two of the Pin UV, upper left and lower right first question is clear.

The button below to see the icon to know, the difference is added for the rotation angle changes.

AvgU:   horizontal distribution of UV-point average

AvgV:   vertical distribution of UV-point average

Auto:   If selected for a condition, and no UV staggered distribution, directly by the


------ Align Shell:  

Align Bound:  When checked, the following reference object for the border operation

FollowPrevious:  When checked, up and down functions into closer alignment

AvgShell H:   the average horizontal of the distribution of UVShell

AvgShell V:   the average vertical of the distribution of UVShellThe

following icons to see to understand, there are buttons on the dynamic description. Can not say here.

Target:  select the target of UV or UVShell, press this button. AlignX and AlignY will activate, then select it and click operation of UV can be aligned to the X or Y of the target.


--------------------------------- Help ---------------------------------

Language:   To change the interface language

Add ShelfButton:  In the current tools with the start button to create a AfterUVLayout

OpenAMiniShelfTabs:  open a mini shelf tabs

SaveMiniShelfTabs:  mini tool to save the current frame in UVTooL changes in, in order to reset delete AfterUVLayout directory MiniShelf.mel

QuickSelectToolbar:  Open the UV editor, and in which the save and load with shortcuts to work. A total of nine caches available

Video tutor YouKu:  video tutorial YouKu

Video tutor YouTube:  YouTube video tutorial

Image & Text tutor CSDN :  graphic tutorial CSDN

===========================AfterUVLayout ==========================

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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