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AdvancedSkeleton6 0.6.5 for Maya (maya script)

AdvancedSkeleton is a collection of Maya tools for doing character setup

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Last Modified:09/23/2023
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  • andrew1212

    andrew1212 said about 2 years ago:

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  • Dragon Taipei

    Dragon Taipei said about 5 years ago:

    AdvancedSkeleton is my favourite auto-rig tool.
    BIG Thanks!!
  • cvbtruong

    cvbtruong said almost 7 years ago:

    Really great and versatile rigging tools, I use this every day.

    To your review "Cyrus Cerus":

    The face setup is the hard to get done but when you know how the script works, you can get job done easily. I get face setup works for human, dinosaur, dog, monster, etc so you can too. Also check your models before complain about the script:

    All users gets support. Just email, as it says in the "About" section of the tool. Dont just comment on facebook or at highend3d, etc. Email him. I get his support from day one. Sometimes, it takes him some days to reply indeed (not everyone are online and reply every single comments, they have work to do, right?). When he didn't reply, he make videos for your issues ( and most of the issues are from your mis-understanding on how the script works. I always watch every single of his videos before asking a question.

    Yes, there is a license , but this is just for usage where you are making money on your projects. I have used AdvancedSkeleton on a wide range of character rigs, you can check out my gallery of characters I have rigged with AdvancedSkeleton here:

    I highly recommend this to anyone doing any kind of rigging in Maya. Feel free to check out. If you see script bugs, just email him at


  • Cyrus Cerus

    Cyrus Cerus said almost 7 years ago:

    This script is a prime example of a developer tacking on too much bloat instead of focusing on the core of the script.

    Ive been tracking AS progress over the years since back in the pre-facial days. Its a horrid script unless you plan to use it on very basic topology and completely ignore anything besides the rigging functions. Each release ive tried this, something down the line will go wrong. Something completely out of nowhere like maybe a bone doesnt tag, a control doesnt parent correctly, or even ncloth simply messing up. You wont know why or what caused.

    Whats even worse? The developer charges full license price for support. No Money = No Support. Which means whatever completely random problem you've come accross will never be solved. I think its also intended so you're more likely to pay for a license which is understandable. It would take time to answer all those support emails for free. However instead of tacking on shape editors or "utilities" it wouldve been great to really stabilize the rigging section instead.

    The script had amazing potential down the line. Now its a bloated mess that tacks on more than it fixes.
    Save yourself the headache and the uncertain reliance on this thing and learn to rig yourself. It aint hard to make your own flexible rig, just take a weekend and learn. It will take you further than this.

    In theory this program wouldve been amazing. In reality it has all the stability of a drunken prom date.
  • Chris Unger

    Chris Unger said over 8 years ago:

    Man, just amazing. Good job. Totally should be selling this. Party on, Chris

    MR HOLLYWOOD said over 8 years ago:

    Just started to get into using your plugin and well it is awesome. Can't imagin the work you have put into this brilliant plugin and offered here as a generous SHARE. Really much appreciate you generousity. Cheers MR H

    MR HOLLYWOOD said over 8 years ago:

    Found Tutorials. Cheers
  • mkumba7

    mkumba7 said over 8 years ago:

    I salute you...
  • Dallas WANG

    Dallas WANG said over 8 years ago:

    This is the best tool for me, wish there is a tutorial
  • Iajhy

    Iajhy said about 9 years ago:

    Autodesk should hire you buddy.

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