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Free ToolSeq UD+ for Maya 1.1.4 (maya plugin)

Rule Anything, One Sequential Named Ultra Definition ToolSet To Rule Them All

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  • 2017, 2016, 2015

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:02/27/2017
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|[ INFO ]|==============================================================================================================================================================================================
|* Version 1.1.4

|[ DESCRIPTION ]|=======================================================================================================================================================================================
|* ToolSeq UD+ is a small pack of useful scripts which may simplify workflows.
|* Rule Anything, One Sequential Named Ultra Definition ToolSet To Rule Them All.

|[ PLATFORM ]|==========================================================================================================================================================================================
|* The product can be executed from 64-bit Windows, GNU-Linux and MacOS operating systems.
|* The product is tested with only Maya 2015, 2016, 2017.
|- Randomizer Bevel Preset >= Maya 2017
|- UV Pro				   >= Maya 2017
|- WorkSpace			   >= Maya 2017
|- All others			   >= Maya 2013

|[ INSTALL ]|===========================================================================================================================================================================================
|* You need a proper software to open LZMA2 compression algorithm for 7z archives.
|* You need Java Runtime Environment to open executable jar archives.
|* Delete previous version of files and folders before update to prevent conflictions.
|* Copy contents of 'Script'	 folder to ~/*USER*/Documents/maya/scripts/
|* Copy contents of 'Icon'		 folder to ~/*USER*/Documents/maya/*VERSION*/prefs/icons/
|* Copy contents of 'Shelf'		 folder to ~/*USER*/Documents/maya/*VERSION*/prefs/shelves/
|* Copy contents of 'WorkSpace'	 folder to ~/*USER*/Documents/maya/*VERSION*/prefs/workspaces/
|* Copy contents of 'Color'		 folder to ~/*USER*/Documents/maya/*VERSION*/prefs/
|* Make a shelf button with 'xxx'				   for MEL	  commands. (xxx.mel --> File Name)
|* Make a shelf button with 'import xxx;' for Python commands. (	 --> File Name)
|* To start any tool with Maya, append the command at the end of ~/*USER*/Documents/maya/scripts/userSetup.mel
|- Check also ~/*USER*/Documents/maya/*VERSION*/scripts/userSetup.mel
|- If it exists in no	 location,	create a file named userSetup.mel in standart mel script directory.
|- If it exists in multi locations, delete other ones and append their commands into the standart mel script directory to prevent conflictions.

|[ OPTIONAL ]|==========================================================================================================================================================================================
|* Install monospace fonts in order to display help files correctly and align labels more accurate and eye-candy.

|[ USAGE ]|=============================================================================================================================================================================================
|* Click on the 'Object', 'Component', 'Item', 'Source', etc. text labels to load selections quickly.
|* Labels or other fields (even shelf buttons) may have been attached with Left-Click, Middle-Click or Right-Click events to compact GUI size. Cursor shape will change when hovering on them.

|[ ERROR + PROBLEM HANDLING ]|==========================================================================================================================================================================
|* Every single names of selected items have to be unique for most operations which is also the main reason of most errors. Check node names as well as shape names. (pCube1, pCubeShape1)
|* Parented objects will not work or will generate wrong results for several operations. They have to be ungrouped manually to the leaf-level first. (Shift-P) After processing, they can be regrouped as same as the original hierarchy.
|* Objects which have non-identity xform transformations will generate wrong results for several operations. Their transform values have to be frozen first.
|- If you will need transform values later, all of them can be saved before freezing and reassigned later apart from changing the shape by FreezeUD.
|* Instances will not work or will generate wrong results for several operations because of mentioned reasons. They have to be duplicated first.
|- If you will need instances later, all of them can be rereferenced later apart from corrupting the hierarchy by FreezeUD.
|* The hardest part of error handling scenario is complex parented and instanced objects that some of them have same names and also non-identity transformations.
|- Rename every single objects, group nodes and even shapes uniquely.
|- Copy the instance.
|- Ungroup it to the leaf-level.
|- Freeze its transform values with FreezeUD.
|- Do whatever process with scripts.
|- Revert their transform values with FreezeUD.
|- Rereference it as the base of complex instance group with FreezeUD.

|[ HELP ]|==============================================================================================================================================================================================
|* Plain Text documents are best viewed by disabled word wrapping and need monospace fonts to be viewed correctly on editors.
|* Hyper Text documents are best viewed by HTML5+|CSS3+|JS supported browsers.
|* If you get any slowdowns on opening Hyper Text documents, add local pages in your WhiteList of browser's ad-blocking plugin if you have any like uBlock Origin, Adblock Plus, etc.
|* All sources and resources are included to modify or maintain scripts.

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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