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polyGrid 2.0.0 for Maya (maya plugin)

This plugin creates a grid-like poly primitive. It is python plugin, support from Maya 8.5 to Maya 2012

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  • 2012, 2011, 2010, 9.x, 2009, 2008

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  • Windows


Last Modified:12/30/2011
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Python Plugin, grid

Hello guys:
    This is the first plugin i upload here. This plugin allows users create a new type of poly primitive that is grid-like. By using it, you can create a solid poly net or a cube full of holes. 
    I tried to make this plugin more like utilities of Maya. So i created the attribute editor template, icons (shown in shelf,outliner,hypershade) and added menu item in Create->Poly Primitives menu.

    How to setup it:
    1. Unzip the package, there are two package, one for Maya 2011, the other for Maya 2012. Unzip the one you want.
    2. Now you have 4 folders. AETemplates, icons, plug-ins, scripts.
    3. Open your Maya install folder, for example mine is C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2012.
        Cut-Paste the contents from: Unziped AETemplates ----> Maya install folder\scripts\AETemplates
                                                       Unziped icons ---> Maya install folder\icons 
                                                       Unziped plug-ins ---> Maya install folder\bin\plug-ins
    4. Open  "Documents-Maya"
          Cut-Paste the contents from: Unziped scripts ---> Documents\maya\2012(or 2011)-x64\scripts
        if there is already a userSetup.mel open it using notepad and copy the content of mine and append to yours.

    5. Open Maya, go to Window-> Settings/Preferences -> Plug-in Manager.
        check the Loaded and Auto load boxes of

     6. Go to Create -> Polygon Primitives you will find Grid from the bottom of this menu. and enjoy it.

    Finally, if there is any confusion, bug or advice, please tell me, Thanks! You can find me through 

    Hope you will enjoy it.

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