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Shoeless Joe 1.1.0 for Maya

Cartoon baseball player rig for Maya with textures/ncloth

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  • 2009

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  • Windows


Last Modified:07/15/2011
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free, Rig, maya, ncloth

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Joe.  He's a work-in-progress, but basically, he is a simple character rig for noncommerical use.  There are no corrective blendshapes included with the rig, but the weights are painted really well, so setting yourself up with Comet's pose deformer or Joe Alter's Lipservice will take you a long way.  Squash and stretch on arms and torso.  Texture maps are included.  Basic nCloth settings and constraints are already assigned to the uniform, however, if anyone can figure out the belt loops, please let me know.

I'm posting this rig to learn from it, so if there are ways to make it better, or things I neeed to change, please drop me a line at  I'm aware of a few problems, but I'd like to improve this rig/model any way I can.  Contructive, professional critiques are always welcome.

Thank you and enjoy.

Pacifica J. Sauer

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