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Fred 0.0.0 for Maya

Free rig to play and develop further

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Last Modified:11/03/2006
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I am uploading a beta version rig of Fred,which I was developing for a short.This rig is still not complete,especially the facial setup.As a way of giving something back to the community,I am uploading this rig here.

NOTE : This rig requires hyperRealMeshParent.mel by Erick Miller for the facial setup.If you dont have closestPointOnMesh plugin for maya 8.0 then you will need to change a few lines(changes included in rar file) in the mel to make it work with nearestPointOnMesh.If you want to change the weightmaps for the face you will need paintSoftModWeights.mel also by Erick Miller.

General Information : The rig is made in accordance with the SuperToonDVD series and HyperRealDVD series,with a few changes.It has stretchable limbs,neck and back with broken hierarchy.It uses wires for bending of limbs,two in each limb , meeting at the elbow/knee.This among other things may not be the best way of doing things.But keep in mind , I present Fred for you to play around with or further develop it.The facial setup is done by using softMods and then painting their weights using paintSoftModWeights.mel .The weights may need finetuning.This rig is provided on a 'as is ' basis,I wont be able to provide any kind of support for this rig.You can use it for any kind of work,learning or commercial.I have addded a mesh with UVs laid out , its outside the hiearchy and hidden.

Happy Animating.

Requires plugins decomposeMatrix,closestPointOnMesh Or nearestPointOnMesh and hyperRealMeshParent.mel

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