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cheetah 1.1.3 for Maya

Cheetah Rigg for Maya 2009

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  • 2009


Last Modified:03/03/2013
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  • DazedConfused

    DazedConfused said almost 6 years ago:

    I was excited to discover this rig and wanted to do an animation with it, but left disappointed when I opened it in Maya. It's a cool rig, but lacks some basic functions for the feet and toes, like toe ball and toe spread to really sell the weight
  • narissa

    narissa said over 6 years ago:

    Really nice cheetah thank you
  • Ankit Gokani

    Ankit Gokani said about 11 years ago:

    while u can make d tail controls its easy as bones are der just asign ctrls i used dios rig its just an ok ok rig d skinning could have been better i feel
  • batcha

    batcha said about 11 years ago:

    Please read the text file which says "READ ME.txt". thankyou!!
  • Amit Sardal

    Amit Sardal said over 11 years ago:

    Nice rig. But as Isabel above said- no tail controls. N thats surprising cause on the riggers showreel, there is tail ani. Also not all controls are under the master heirarchy..( I think that's the technical phrase here) So when you take anim back ups, the anim info for all the parts is not saved. Anims are basically useless.
  • Isabel Carral

    Isabel Carral said over 11 years ago:

    Hi, I´´m Isabel! I downloaded your cheetah, cause it looks gourgeous...but I dont find any tail controls..could you please tell me where they are or how to switch them on? thanks! Isa!
  • amogh kh

    amogh kh said about 12 years ago:

    Thanks.......This is a great Rig!! Been lookin for a good qudraped rig...This is the best one i found so far

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